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Health Insurance Plans

Little Village Insurance uses its skills to work with Highly Rated Companies to get you:

Preferred Rates For Non Smoking Individuals Plans that let you choose your own Doctors and Hospitals Low Co-Pays for doctor visits and prescriptions World-Wide, 24 hour, and Work Related Injury Coverage Rates are based on your present age and are guaranteed renewable for life. Easy to complete application.

Long Term Care

Long term / partnership programs

These plans are designed to pay for care received at home or at an assisted living facility. Many people are of the assumption that Medicare and Medicare Supplements cover these costs. This is not correct! Medicare and Medicare Supplements are designed to cover acute care such as hospital stays and short term nursing care. They do not cover unskilled care at home, or care in an assisted living facility, personal care facility, or at most lower level facilities.

Individuals pay for most of their long term care costs through their assets, savings, and cash. What happens when these run out? Remember, through advances in technology, people are living a lot longer now then they were just a few years ago.

Life Insurance

We will shop over 30+ highly rated companies for the best rates based on your health. Quotes for individuals with medical conditions Low rates for healthy individuals Mortgage Life Insurance (pays off your mortgage in the event of insured's death)